The long posting hiatus, and the products thereof…

I swear, to the 3-4 of you who read this blog (ie – mom, lauren, and you two who got here accidentally), my lack of posting in no way reflects my character, especially as regards commitment to my other relationships. That said, I HAVE been busy (on things other than this). Back in the fall I completed and attended the premiere of a new commission by the incomparable Wild Rumpus New Music Collective. The resulting work, Rapscalian Tendencies (yes, that is my intended spelling – my own “adjective” form of the word, and also gives it a subtle “modal” quality…or not), received a wonderful performance by the ensemble in San Francisco:

Since then, the new semester has begun, bringing with it all the lesson plans, syllabus making, name learning, grading, etc that would be expected. But amidst the fray I managed to crank out the next piece in the queue, a work for the Talujon Percussion Quartet, who will be in residence at Brandeis this March to perform grad student works (March 17th!!). That piece ended up being titled Froschteichmusik, as it was inspired by an experience last summer at a farm in North Carolina, described in the program notes:

“In the summer of 2011 I attended the wedding of a cousin in North Carolina, which was held on a beautiful, sprawling old farm. Just around dusk I was wondering around the old barns and happened by a small pond. Suddenly the air was filled with the music of countless crepuscular creatures – frogs, cicadas, crickets, katydids – active now in the cool of the evening, blending into one glorious polyrhythmic symphony of chirps, croaks, and buzzes. Although no human construction could begin to capture the magic of this experience, I have nonetheless attempted to use it as inspiration for Froschteichmusik, and I can only hope it serves as a temporary substitute until you are able to experience the real fantasy for yourself.

The “polyrhythmic symphony” in question can be heard here (via a sadly poor quality recording on my Droid Incredible):

And here’s the percussion setup for the piece:


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