…in which I use a 12-tone electric bass line

For the 2-3 of you keeping track, I can now announce the completion of TWO of my “works in the queue“. Ponder, written for the 2012 Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Arts, was completed last week, only a “little” behind schedule (what’s a deadline, anyway? Oh yeah…).

The latest double-barline comes at the end of RAWR, written for The Gentlemen’s Very (Very) High Art Society of South Waltham, Brandeis’s Official Unofficial Graduate Composers Ensemble, of which yours truly is a distinguished member in good standing. Instrumentation of the piece (and the group) is piccolo, trumpet (not to be confused with “piccolo trumpet”, though that’s a thought…), flugelbone (yes, really), bassoon, piano, drums, and pink sparkly electric bass (Yes, the sparkles matter. Pink not so much, though it helps).

The title comes from the most stereotypical sound I could think of for lead singers in most death metal bands (for example) (or this, definitely this). The piece itself sounds kind of like what happens when a composer with a “classical” training and a sort-of jazz background listens to a lot of Frank Zappa and spy movie/ cartoon soundtracks, watches Metalocalypse, and decides to write a piece. Actually that’s exactly what it sounds like. Or Weather Report, according to Herr Professor Davy Rakowski. But don’t take our word for it. Now, through the miracle of those highly talented Sibelius Sounds and MIDI, you, Dear Reader, can decide for yourself, and post what you think is wrong with me in the comments section. Unless it’s mean. Don’t be mean.

Oh, and it uses a 12-tone electric bass line. Not the whole time, though.


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